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Jagdpanzer 07-31-04 07:58 PM

Good Racing Bike but with DH capabilities
Hello all,
Looking for a new bike cause i'm starting out adventure racing. I'm interested in getting a full suspension that can climb well obviously, but i don't want to buy 2 bikes so i'm hoping to find something that can I can huck my bike off maybe around 5 ft as well. my price range is around 1500, i was looking into the kona coiler but i'm thinking it might be a little too much on the dh side to be considered a racer.

Dannihilator 07-31-04 08:13 PM

The Kona Dawg would be right up your alley if you want to get into adventure racing. Also look into the Rocky Mountain Switch SL, Specialized Enduro, Giant VT.

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