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mudskpr 10-29-09 05:46 PM

Newbie looking for help
Hello everyone. I have recently gotten into biking and have been borrowing a Trek 4100 and am getting ready to purchase my own bike. I will ride pretty much everyday 4 miles one way to work, and use it offroad quite a bit during hunting season. I have narrowed it down to a Specialzed Rockhopper Comp Disc, Cannondale F7, and Giant Yukon. The Specialized seems to fit me the best, I was just wondering of the three which is the best and why? Thanks for any help.

10 Wheels 10-29-09 05:48 PM

Bike riding is all about a good fit.

mudskpr 10-29-09 08:36 PM

So is the Rockhopper a good sturdy bike? Are there any flaws in its components?

Zephyr11 10-29-09 08:48 PM

Originally Posted by mudskpr (Post 9950143)
The Specialized seems to fit me the best

There's your answer. It's a solid bike, now go get it and ride the heck out of it!

JonathanGennick 10-30-09 06:15 AM

I would go with the bike that fits best. I'm not familiar with the F7, but my son owned a Yukon a few years ago. I recall the Yukon frame being heavy when compared to my Rockhopper frame. But otherwise, I had no issues with either bike.

You could look at components. My battery's about to die though, so I can't look them up right now.

Fit is really important. It's the #1 consideration, imho. And the Rockhopper frame is something you can build on. Specialized uses that same frame for a range of bikes extending up towards the $1000 mark.

helmut 10-30-09 06:19 AM

The Rockhopper is the best bike of that lot. There's no problems with it's components, although the gear indicator window on the X4 shifters has a habit of popping off on trails. I would epoxy or tape that sucker in. Other than that, good solid bike. You won't be disappointed.

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