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ndmuscutt 10-30-09 08:53 AM

2006 Scott Reflex FX 25 or 2005 Specialized Epic
I have a dilemma. I am trying to decide which is the bike to get and would like some help in deciding on this from more experienced riders. I have a guy coming today to show me a 2006 Scott Reflex FX 25 in almost new condition (weighing in at 31 lbs). The other bike is 6 hours away and I'm not sure if I should hold out for it since I might not be able to see it for a month or so. It is a 2005 Specialized Epic (with a few mods). I am mostly a trail rider and would be intermediate in my level. Not a downhiller and not a racer. After talking to both of the sellers, they are both willing to sell to me for $900.

The links are:

2006 Scott Reflex FX 25

2005 Specialized Epic

Any help would be appreciated.

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