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teckdy 11-07-09 05:46 AM

brake avid elixir 5
halo.. i have problem with my new brake..
this is my first hydraulic brakes..
the first day the brake is ok..
but the second day.. the brake begin to produce sound.. like "eeekkk ekkk ekkk".
even without braking (brake-off)...
can anyone help me?

mtnbiker66 11-07-09 06:02 AM

Mine did the same thing. You just need to back off the caliper mounting bolts,squeeze the lever and retighten. No biggie.

bikinfool 11-07-09 03:40 PM

Check caliper alignment and the rotor for true...

Does this happen only after taking on and off your wheel? Might be how you tighten your quick release up...

teckdy 11-09-09 05:16 AM

ok thanks..
i try to take off the wheel and put it back and after that i ll adjust the mounting bolt..

i think maybe because the brake is new..and the brake pad is still thick ..thats why it touch the rotor...

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