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phidauex 08-04-04 03:43 PM

Help me identify my mystery GT

I've got an older GT mtb that I got a while back. It was probably three years ago that I got it, and it was purchased at a pawn shop for 80 bucks. It was filthy as sin, and needed lubrication, but seemed like a good deal. The biggest reason it was only 80$ was probably because the previous owner unceremoniously sanded the paint off of it! Not a problem since its aluminum, but it means I have no idea which model of GT I have.

For a few years I rode it around town, hit some single tracks, forded some rivers, etc, only keeping up with the most basic maintainence. I'm now going over it and fixing it back up, but I'm running into questions about its age and model that I just have no way of answering.

Sooo... Take a look at this pic.. What GT do I have? How could I find out for sure? Other details: It's a hardtail, no suspension, new seat (not the original), SLX drivetrain (middle of the road) and brakes, SLX Parallax hubs, and some sort of rapid fire shifters.

Any suggestions on upgrades/improvements would be appreciated too. I don't want to sink too much into this older bike, but it is nice, and deserves some labor on my part. Besides just replacing worn stuff like cogs with exact replacements, are there any modest upgrades that can be done to improve the feel of the bike, without wasting too much money?

Bigger version of the image.

Thanks for your help!


jeff williams 08-04-04 04:07 PM

I'd lighten it, Get rid of the carrier, kickstand.
Toss the brakes and get some sidepull cantilever. Shimano-$40 pair. The levers MIGHT work, but sometimes you need the right/more pull levers.

Better brakes, 2 pounds off the bike, probably feel way nicer.

Because it's older and Alu, I would'nt go for any mods really. Just brakes and those you can use again on a different bike later.

Kinda looks like rust on your chainrings, if? steel wool them clean and hit 'em with clear coat enamael spraypaint. Chain rust? replace.


phidauex 08-04-04 04:30 PM

Thanks for the suggestions, jeff.

I just got a new lock that has its own mount so I can ditch the carrier, but I have a confession to make.. I love the kickstand.. Its a crappy old kickstand off of some old bike, but I just love having something to stand up my bike, I don't like leaning it against cars, and I do a lot of urban riding in places where there aren't many bike racks. Does anyone have a suggestion for a lightweight kickstand for the sickos who can't bear to leave it behind?

The chain in that picture has since been replaced, but the chainrings are a bit dirty. I don't think they have actual rust on them, just stuff that had been 'shed' off of the old chain. I might clean them up real well and hit them with the enamel though, thats an idea I hadn't thought of, might squeeze some more life out of it!

Any ideas yet on what model GT this is/was?


jeff williams 08-04-04 04:42 PM

No idea of the model, a quick search yeilded little info.

Ya well, for performance it's sacrifice. BUT, it depends on whether the bikes worth the effort\ cash.

My steel mtb is say 21 lbs, but no suspension. I also dropped my front derailler, 1 shifter,2 rings (well, one was ground down to be a bash guard). All excessories except the bottle cage and a front light, rear reflector, are gone. Even the paint!

Then I had to replace worn\ design obsolete components. I'm up to $500. Still, nothing on the market under $1000 can compare.

I personally just do not like Alu frames, and would maintain only to get some more time. Not as a big project bike, as its frame material is not sound for extended years of life\use\abuse as Chromo steel is.

Also, if an old rear derailler cable, a replace can help shifting, oil all moving parts of the derailler, moving brake pivots etc.


oldschoolGT 08-15-05 11:40 PM

Hi - Newbie to the forum.

I'm in a similar situation as phidauex. I acquired an old (mid 90's???) GT mountain bike I'm attempting to restore. There is a minor crack in the fork, that I need to replace, is the common steerer width 1' 1/8"? How do I determine the steerer tube length? Any suggestions for replacement?? Just looking to use this oldie as a commuter.


MasterSezFaster 08-16-05 06:41 AM

With the oversize tubing I would say it is a Zaskar. That was the only GT back then that had the os tubes. It used to be my favorite ht even though we used to bend them all the time :D .


Hunter 08-16-05 06:55 AM

We used to sell GT back in the day from memory that bike is a GT Rebound. The Zaskar would have been a front suspension bike. I never saw one stock with STX components with a rigid front fork.

wonderflee 08-16-05 12:32 PM

GT Avalanche?

oldschoolGT 08-16-05 08:14 PM

Originally Posted by Hunter
The Zaskar would have been a front suspension bike. I never saw one stock with STX components with a rigid front fork.

The GT I'm considering restoring has front suspension, Rock Shox forks (air?) unsure of model.

Ymmie 08-17-05 07:17 AM

GT Backwoods

Ricardo 08-17-05 08:34 AM

I'd vote for a GT Avalanche or Aggressor. It's got the old triple triangle geometry. The orange color in the saddle suggests orange was one of the original colors. Maybe it was mid blue and orange.


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