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PetesDustyVolvo 11-20-09 12:34 PM

Cheap Carbon hardtail dilemna - Giant Cadex
I got a free Giant Cadex hardtail from my coworker who used to race it. It had some really old Marzocchi fork on it, cantilivers, 7 speed Deore, flat bar, decent tires and a real ass-hatchet for a seat.

Long story short, I put a 80mm Rockshox SID that I had laying around on it, tuned up the cantis and swapped to some wimpy, narrow riser bars that were also in the parts bin.

I've been riding it around like this for a couple weeks, when I'm not riding my Ted Wojcik XC fully, and I'm mildly impressed with the bike. Its not a complete pile of crap and I'm almost tempted to put some money into it. The SID is used and abused and the bars have got to go...

So I decided to do some measurements before I got too crazy. I'm pretty handy with Autocad so I measured the frame as it stands and also traced a photograph of the bike taken at a right angle to the frame. Both measurements showed a ~68 degree HTA and a ~70 degree STA. This is with a 80mm SID....

So I'm sort of concerned that the geometry is just too dated and maybe i should hang it up for future guests and put my money and time into something more modern. But the frame is light and rides great! It just sucks that with an 80mm fork its already all slacked out. Anyone got any input?

PS its a CFM-1 for anyone who cares

kenhill3 11-20-09 03:24 PM

Weren't there frame bonding issues or a recall with this frame way back when ?

PetesDustyVolvo 11-20-09 03:26 PM

I wouldn't know. As far as I can tell the frame is a soldier.

PetesDustyVolvo 11-20-09 04:36 PM

here's a picture of the bike as it is now

Bluetrane2028 11-20-09 05:01 PM

Yes, the head tube is a bit on the slack side, but it's an older bike. Many older bikes are slacker than that without suspension. Here's my issue. You like the bike, you enjoy the ride. But then you decide to measure it and you question it. It rides like you want but it doesn't look like you want... Just because something doesn't fit in a measurement window that you think it must be doesn't automatically make it bad. Maybe the relaxed geometry is part of what makes the bike appeal to you. Sure, replace the fork, just go with something that has similar travel, or adjustable travel and dial it down as far as you can. It's not a DH bike, and with XC the point of suspension is to make the bumps less bad, not take them away altogether. 80mm will still do that regardless of whatever is out there for new and decidedly more money. You might even be better served converting it to rigid. Just sayin'.

It may never be your number one ride, but I personally wouldn't dump it just because you can't get more travel out of the fork.

According to BikePedia, this is possibly as early as 1993. The CFM-1 apparently came originally with XTR parts, and it's lower spec'd sister, the CFM-3 came with LX, FWIW. Yours could've been a bike shop mistake or a budget rebuild. Also, there WAS a major recall on the bike, but as far as I can tell it only referred to the original fork spec'd on the CFM-3 a "Giant Zorbers"

The CFM-1 came with a RockShox Mag21, to give you an idea of the travel it was originally designed to have (48mm).

You like how it rides at 80mm, I think with what I found you will be able to make an educated decision.

craigcraigcraig 11-20-09 05:04 PM

that's a sweet looking bike

dminor 11-20-09 05:59 PM

I am probably the last person to be a carbon fiber alarmist but I couldn't help myself and read this post (note particularly the specific refernce to the Cadex). Then I looked at a buncha pics . . . it's kinda like that fascination of watching a train wreck . . .

Full blog at

PetesDustyVolvo 11-20-09 06:13 PM

lol thanks i'm well aware of

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