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Kallum 12-18-09 02:36 AM

What XC bike?

I'm looking for a new XC bike my old was destroyed by customs...I'm not up on the lingo so forgive the vagueness of my questions. My old one I got a free off an ex-hire company that closed down...

What I want is a bike with a good frame that is going to last me a good few years and is relatively light...components arenít important I'd prefer a good frame, better quality components can be added as I brake the generic ones.

So what should I keep an eye out for?
Are there any stellar brands that make ace frames with ****ty components?
What is the best frame material? I'm thinking Aluminium for weight and strength



bikinfool 12-18-09 03:17 AM

What was the last bike? How was it equipped? What's your budget? What kind of rider are you, what kind of trails do you ride? So many questions and nothing to go on. Aluminum frames doesn't narrow it down much. Have you done any shopping at all?

Kallum 12-18-09 07:55 PM

Cheers for the reply hoped I would annoy someone enough with my vague questions to get info...

As I said don't know what my last bike was just a generic XC bike I got for free from a rental company that closed down. It was some Chinese built, bulk brought contraption with no name.

It was equipped with crap that caused me to crash on black runs due to its ability to fail at the most inappropriate times. Cheapo shocks, derailer, brakes the whole lot...I miss it actually

I like cross country riding, long days over long distances on ****ty trails that require me to ride up a steep incline then crash down a steep decline...Perfect day out in my mind.

Basically I want a hard tail XC I said something with a tuff light frame I can build on and add to over time...

I live in the country so not to many place to shop at I want to get a bit of an idea before I go waste a day in the city a good 5 hour drive away....So basically no not a lot of shopping has been done.

As for cost I was hoping to buy second hand and spending under $1000.

Cheers for the reply Bikinifool.

I to be a fool for women in bikinis...come on summer

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