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Broke my collar bone the other day..

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Broke my collar bone the other day..

Old 04-09-10, 02:54 AM
Crash, get up, ride...
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Broke my collar bone the other day..

Yep, it FINALLY happened a week ago. I didnt pull up hard enough on the last ramp on a series of jumps at one of my local trails and landed very wrong and "endoed". I landed on my leftside head and left shoulder, in the middle of a failed attempt to roll it out! Thank GOD I had my helmet, otherwise i wouldn't be posting this so soon.

Now im out of the biking scene for at least 2 months. MTBing for, hopefully, 3. I just got surgery with plates and screws, being that my bone was sticking out like I had an egg implanted under my skin.

I wanted to get back on my bike SO BAD. The trails are starting to dry. I couldn't help thinking how ****ting it was to have an injury like this during the best time for MTBing in the year.

I was just wondering how some of you guys that have had an injury, that would prohibit you from riding a bicycle,(biking and non-biking related) felt after recovering? Did your confidence lower after you got back on and hit the trails? Was there any loss of skill after being away from the "pedal machine" for so long? Anyone with the same kind of injury?

Im 25 and feel that im a pretty healthy individual. The doc says i can get on a stationary bike after a month. And maybe start on the road riding after 6 weeks. I know, know, Im definably going to take it slow and not half ass the healing process. But i just cant stand couped up for the next week and then having to drive everywhere to do my groceries and to work and school after.

Roller Blades anyone?
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Old 04-09-10, 05:20 AM
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I had the same kind of crash about a month ago. My shoulder is still sore but I didn't break anything. My confidence is always lower for a while after a really bad crash. I'm still not up to speed....but hey,I'm old.
I just keep on thinking "don't crash on that shoulder" every time I get into some tech stuff. Instead of picking out clean lines,I'm seeing all the roots and rocks that can throw me.

Hope you heal up cleanly and quickly.
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Old 04-09-10, 07:36 AM
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That sucks, hope you feel better
I am just about almost recovered after 9 months from, cartilage tear/bone anchors in the shoulder bc it was popping out out.
After all that time the surgery shoulder is almost healed, sore and still needs exercise but it's good, early 20s.
Once you get to the point where you can bike your confidence will be up there anyways
I think I've learned it's important to maintain the same level of crazy, but reduce the level of clumsy

Ironically, it was every other joint in this body that now needs attn, because of such limited activity for so many months.
Muscle atrophies so fast it's incredible, and once it's gone, everything else takes a beating, I learned
Never before have I had my knees/back/joints ache and all it is from is atrophy
But you probably won't be that bedridden hopefully

So, getting back biking is one thing but in the meantime you should really focus on healing but preventing atrophy.
Good luck, that blows

And again, DO YOUR PHYSICAL THERAPY RELIGIOUSLY! If you care about your body
Sometimes you might feel sore but the PT makes it feel so much better even on the short term.

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Old 04-09-10, 07:41 AM
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Seems counterintuitive, but this is the most common MTB injury in my experience.

On a week long trip in the French Pyrenees, 3 out of a group of 9 either broke or dislocated collar bones.
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Old 04-09-10, 07:47 AM
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Welcome to the club. Definitely take the healing time seriously. Ten years ago this summer, I broke my right CB the same way but did not elect for the plates. I still have a lightning bolt shaped CB. Looks cool on an X-ray! I took to my MTB 7 weeks later and only 3 weeks after that, took a big spill again. My right CB held tight but I broke my left. That's right. I broke both in ten weeks. I received training wheels and hockey gear for Christmas that year from my sarcastic family.
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Old 04-09-10, 09:41 AM
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Be glad you had the surgery. Last time I did this, 10 years ago, I was 32 but still green-stick fractured the bone at that age. The doctors decided to let it heal with the bulge, instead of fully breaking it again and setting it straight. Well, my body wanted it straighter. About a week later I shifted in my sleep and it snapped straight. Woke up with quite a scream and scared the heck out of my wife.
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Old 04-09-10, 10:23 AM
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You'll be back. I hurt my knee last summer and my biggest problem in getting it to heal was to be totally inactive for about three weeks. My Doc had to finally tell me "stay off it or have surgery, your choice". I don't think I've ever been that lazy in my life, ever. Well I pulled out of great and I'm sure you will too.

As far as my confidence? Since my injury happened on a MTB crash, I rode like a puss for quite a while, but I'm finally back to where I was before, not that I was a champ or anything. I would find myself giggling when I would dismount when I saw a couple of puny rocks on my ride. Once I had a nice crash or two and figured out I could trust my knee again all was well again.

Heal up quick, bro. It sucks, we feel your pain.
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Old 04-09-10, 10:23 AM
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I hit a dog at 25 mph almost 2 years ago. They did the surgery and I now have a plate and 9 screws in my shoulder. The doctor had me keep it in a sling for about 2 months so that it would heal properly. At the end of the 2 months she gave me the OK to go back to full use. It has not limited me one bit. The only thing I feel is a little numbness.
It has made me a little more cautious, and I NEVER ride without a helmet. I did not have one on during the crash!
I just turned 55 last February.
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