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Trek EX8 or Giant X3? Tough.

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Trek EX8 or Giant X3? Tough.

Old 06-02-10, 06:58 AM
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Trek EX8 or Giant X3? Tough.

I'm thinking about getting a trail bike and both the Trek EX8 and the Giant X3 look really good. I'm learning towards the Giant because its a Taiwanese company and Taiwan has a reputation for designing and manufacturing ultra-high quality bikes (and other things too). I have no idea why some people think Giant is a Chinese company

I don't have anything against American built bikes (in fact I love them), and as far as I know Taiwanese and American bicycle design and manufacturing are at an identical quality level. Although, the previous experience I had with an American mountain bike was with Felt and it had gear shift issues, a flat tire and strange sounds from the front disc brake when it wasn't even applied within a week or 2 of purchase. No I'm not an aggressive rider. It could be that my dealer didn't build it properly, but still not a pleasant experience all in all. From what I've heard Giant bikes tend to be extremely reliable and have excellent geometry. Now, don't know about Trek...

The Trek EX8 looks AWESOME (it looks a bit more awesome compared to the Giant), but reviews said it had a conservative cross country feel compared to the Giant, so now I'm not too sure, since I am looking for a real trail bike, not a cross country bike. MBA scored the Trance X3 higher than the Trek EX8, but I'm looking for more opinions.

So I wolud like some informed opinions please. I know from looking at previous posts many people will just say "Buy American, buy Trek", but seeing those "reasons" kind of put me off from my initially firm decision to buy a Trek to be honest and was what caused me to do more research on the Giant ...


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Old 06-02-10, 08:35 AM
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only way to decide is to ride them both see what feels better for you

I have an 07 Trek Fuel ex 9 and love it

only thing I know is giant has a lower BB height and if you ride very rocky and technical trials you need to be careful not to hit your BB
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Old 06-02-10, 08:46 AM
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As far as the Felt is concerned. It sounds like the issues you were experiencing were adjustment issues which are normal for any bike. You didn't say if the Felt was a newer bike.
I wouldn't give up on it. I would take it to your LBS and have it checked out. Now if you just want a new bike then "never mind".......
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Old 06-02-10, 07:18 PM
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I was deciding between those two, as well. I choose the Trek due to very similar specs at $400 cheaper price.

(BTW, Treks, except for their carbon bikes, which are made in Whitewater - are made in Taiwan, mostly at Giant factories).

I test rode the Trek, but my local Giant dealer did not heave the correct sized Trance to ride. So, I bought the Trek.

So far, no regrets at all
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Old 06-02-10, 07:47 PM
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Originally Posted by jack85
I have no idea why some people think Giant is a Chinese company
Maybe its because some giant bikes are made in China.
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Old 06-02-10, 08:25 PM
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Originally Posted by sk0tt
Maybe its because some giant bikes are made in China.
BTW, the EX8 is made in china as well.
Appreciate the old bikes more than the new.
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Old 06-02-10, 08:40 PM
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Oops, I just checked my notes. It was the Trance X2 I was thinking of buying, not the X3.

I'd still recommend the Fuel EX 8 over the X3, even though it's $200 more expensive.
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Old 06-03-10, 06:55 PM
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I've been looking over both of them as well-the trek(fuel EX8) is more "XC" feeling, although both are comfortable. The trek had very noticable pedal bob, although propedal did a pretty good job of stopping it. The EX8 also offers Trek's DRCV shock. The giant feels more aggressive, and there is no pedal bob to speak of-it felt almost like a hardtail except when going over bumps-very smooth. The Fuel EX8 has much better components than the X3, it's a lot more comparable to the X2.
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Old 06-03-10, 11:44 PM
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The Trek Fuel has one of the best suspension designs out there. The rear pivot design located on the axel itself allows the suspension to be active even under heavy braking, something you will appreciate when flying down hill. Most suspensions tend to lockup the rear suspension when the brakes are applied.
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Old 06-07-10, 02:34 PM
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Hi guys,

Thanks for the replies - the Trek suspension seems really innovative. After reading a lot more I'm thinking about passing on both these trail bikes and go for the entry-level Trek Remedy in 6 or so months time when summer arrives around here (and hopefully then I'll have the financial means by then lol).

And about the Felt ... I'm still confused as to why the rear derailleur shifting is messed up. I was just walking the bike off the train and was horrified to discover that the shifter line that runs to the rear derailleur was completely detached from the actual shifter also from the guides on the downtube, just hanging there loose like the wire on a fishing rod, and the wire is now slightly bent after i got it "fixed". Not sure how that happened but I'm thinking the wire somehow found it's way over the reflector* and got snagged then ripped right off with brute force.

Took it to the bike shop but still it refuses to shift and sometimes makes terrifying crunching sounds. Most likely I'll completely total the bike by 6 months and sell the surviving components...

*Bikes are not street legal here without a front reflector attached which i reckon is really stupid since lights are required at night anyway.

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