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FoX Rider 09-09-04 04:36 PM

Rain + Boredom = Cheap stunt.
I was so bored today after I finished watching the Collective (again) and playing Downhill Domination that I desided to brave the elements and build a stunt. It's not done yet. Currently it is only used as a roll in. Once I get some more lumber I'm going to make it a drop.

Lemme know what you think.

Well I'm off to play GTA: Vice City and DD! Rain ruins my riding days :mad:

hooligan 09-09-04 04:54 PM


Looks more like a very small start for a drop. Looks a bit low. You might want to dig a ditch that leads back onto the trail for the drop, or um..I don't see anywhere where that's going. Then again, I don't build stunts.

FoX Rider 09-09-04 05:32 PM

It's probably 1/4 done. Thats probably why you don't understand it. It's all in my head.

hooligan 09-09-04 05:35 PM

I'm guessing most people here who build these know. But...I am an unexperienced geek.

JasBike 09-09-04 07:23 PM

Why can't you ride in the rain?

Dannihilator 09-09-04 07:43 PM

Please tell me you're not building that in the college woods trails.

notfred 09-09-04 07:46 PM

It looks like a bridge over a 6 inch wide trickle of water. What's it supposed to be?

FoX Rider 09-09-04 07:51 PM

It's absolutly nothing yet. Just some 2 by 4's cut and nailed together. Its not done. I can ride in the rain but I don't like solo rides and my buddies don't like the rain. Nope its at my house not the college trails.

Dannihilator 09-09-04 07:56 PM

Whew, good thing the college did not lay all that pea gravel down.

FoX Rider 09-09-04 08:23 PM

Like I said, nothing impressive. Just having a little fun. Expect more this weekend.

Reggie 09-09-04 10:37 PM

your yard looks like a trail

hooligan 09-10-04 06:11 AM


My friend lives in Toronto, in a Building which I called Richhomia. His back yard seems to be small. But then, theres this huge trail behind it (okay not a trail, but could be a huge crazy one) downhill at like a 45 degree angle-50 degree!! There are trees there and logs too! So crazy.

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