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3speed 12-12-10 02:51 PM

Cheap 26x2.5 tires for winter beater?
I measured, and I think 2.5 is the widest tire I can run. Right now I've got a 2.1 in the front and a 1.95 in the rear. I'm just looking for a little more width for snow traction. Any suggestions for some cheap 2.5s that would work for a winter beater set-up?

Zephyr11 12-12-10 02:55 PM

I don't have a good snow tire suggestion, just wanted to remind you that one 2.5 tire isn't necessarily the same as another 2.5 tire. It makes no sense, I know, but two tires of the same specified width aren't necessarily the same width in real life.

3speed 12-12-10 03:00 PM

Hmm... I see. I'm totally new to the MTB thing, so I don't really know much about tires yet. Is there any way to know if a tire actually measures 2.5" across when inflated?

never 12-12-10 03:28 PM

Asking someone who has the tire.

crazzywolfie 12-12-10 04:51 PM

i have a set of 26x2.3 from a supercycle hooligan on my winter bike and they seem to work good but the only problem i have is if my rim ever becomes untrue it starts to rub the frame.

3speed 12-12-10 11:17 PM

Do you know how wide the tire actually measures? I think my spacing would be ~2.75" so I can't go more than 2.5 max. That may even be pushing it.

crazzywolfie 12-13-10 12:18 AM

they are about 2 1/4" wide

3speed 12-13-10 09:28 AM

Thanks. I'll look into them more.

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