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daibutsu 12-15-10 06:59 AM

Rock Shox Bar R question
hello, am new to MB'ing. Have real nice Commencal Combi S MB soft tail w/ Bar R shock. It just doesn't hold air long, but intermittently does- so I'm thinking it's not "bad" but I'm doing something wrong. I notice it holds air longer if the 'rebound' knob is seated CW. If I attempt to adjust after its filled it seems to leak rather quick. When pumping it up it seems to respond and extend quicker if the 'rebound' knob is a little CCW. then tightened up, but this seems weird as it shouldn't make a difference? Any advice is appreciated. Incidentally the bike itself it the best bike I've every owned.


daibutsu 12-19-10 07:08 AM

Reply to own post.... I squirted a little light oil in there, after removing the valve core, of course. It seems much better, This next week will really tell.

scrublover 12-19-10 07:27 AM

That may be all that was needed. Not so much the oil, but the valve core removal and re-install. May have been a bit loose, and snugging it up may have solved the leak. So long as you didn't put in more than a couple mls of oil, that shouldn't cause any trouble, though it may cause the shock to ramp up into it's travel a bit more. Dump all the air out to ensure you've not added so much as to impede the shock stroke.

As for the rebound knob? No idea.

daibutsu 12-20-10 05:57 AM

thanks scrublover... I've put only about 30 miles of commuting type up and down on it, and it sure is holding air. thanks for your input.

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