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Ludeykrus 12-18-10 09:54 AM

Older Giant ATX 980?
So what's an older Giant ATX 980 worth in good shape? Have one locally that's advertised as the "Giant ATX 980 Norba Champion Bike", and I don't know anything about it. A bit of research shows it might be a '96, here's the bike:

Were they good/bad/ugly back in the day? Anything to look out for?

Svr 12-18-10 10:46 PM

A decent bike in it's day. The suspension fork and rear shock are hopelessly outdated by todays standards. It does look like a 1996 model. The Quadra 21 fork was only offered for two years: 1995 and 1996.

Ludeykrus 12-18-10 11:01 PM

Cool beans. Have any ideas as to what a fair price would be for a decent one today? I'm somewhat interested (full suspension and anywhere from 26.5-29 lbs from what I've read), and the seller is likely negotiable...

Svr 12-19-10 12:42 PM

There isn't a blue book for old mountain bikes. Considering a you can pick up a the modern equivalent MTB for $599 - - with 27 speeds and disc brakes, I'd have a hard time paying even a third of that for a 15 year old full suspension bike.

Ludeykrus 12-20-10 10:57 AM

Thanks for the info. I was thinking the frame might be worth building on later, and full suspension could be fun for now.

Any good old steel hardtail goes for 150-200 around here. I'm currently kicking around on a '93 Rockhopper, so I know pricing older bikes isn't easy.

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