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helloamerican 01-09-11 02:49 PM

Any Truvativ Hammerschmidt users out there?
I'm thinking about getting one to using in conjunction with an Alifine 8sp on my Bianchi Roger cross bike. I've read that in some cases installation of the crank has required frame modification via file or otherwise, and i'm curious how often this has been the case.

Are there any users out there that can shed some light? Also, how's the longterm durability been? It seems like a really neat innovation if it's fairly reliable

Rob Glatfelter 01-09-11 04:47 PM

A friend of mine has one on his polo bike.
Can't speak to long term durability as far as mud/muck but it seems pretty beefy and I've seen it take some substantial impacts and come out just fine.

I can't remember specifically, but I'll look next time we play, I could swear there was a small braze on, on the drive side just at the lip of the bottom bracket shell, but I can't confirm that without double checking.
It is absurdly smooth to use and you can shift absolutely anywhere in your stroke or notstroke and it doesn't hickup or anything. 'specive though.

scrublover 01-09-11 10:24 PM

1. you'll need to mod the frame somehow with iscg tabs, OR use a BB mount iscg adapter. then, you also have to mod something up to ensure the adapter then doesn't spin when shifting - the thing will be under mad amount of torque. the amount of modding required just depends on your particular frame. your frame needs somwthing to mount the backplate to, or it won't work. i've had one bolted up to to different frames, no mods required. but those were frames that had the iscg tabs and the proper clearance already.

2. it's heavy. though if you've already got the weight of the alfine, it may not bother you.

3. there is significant drag in the overdrive gear.

what's the main use of the bike? IMO, for a cross bike/commuter or something, rather than combine that with an 8 speed alfine, i'd spring for the newer 11 speed version, or a rohloff hub - you'd end up with the same heft and drag,but in a tidier and using only one shifter package.

Dannihilator 01-09-11 10:28 PM

You also have to remember the gearing most likely won't be practical on a cross bike.

scrublover 01-09-11 10:48 PM

Originally Posted by Dannihilator (Post 12054115)
You also have to remember the gearing most likely won't be practical on a cross bike.

Yep. The overdrive 36 or 38 tooth equivelant may not be too bad (except that is the overdrive with the most drag...) but the granny ring lower gear seems sorta' useless on that sort of bike, considering the amount of weight and drag the whole system will introduce into your drivetrain.

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