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kefferjoe 06-19-11 11:26 PM

Need some advice asap!
I have a schwinn mesa gs and i am going to update the front fork tomorrow....i have found 2 possible candidates for the replacement and i want some advice on which one i should purchase. I have been eyeing a rock shox recon silver tk from performance bikes it has a 120mm travel and is 4.3lbs and is priced at 200...i have also been looking at a rock shox tora trail 302 coil u turn from rei for $240 which has a 130mm or new to the suspension shopping world as my rock shox jett shock that was on here is awesome but a little outdated so any help would be appreciated! Also im not looking to buy anything online thats why im kinda limited on what i buy. Thanks in advance!

ed 06-20-11 07:12 AM

The Tora can be found cheaper than that. I've seen them in the $200 range with the 289 in the $150 range.

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