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Lexi01 06-30-11 09:25 PM

SIDI Shoe Sizing
Hi Guys,

Has anyone seen this page:

SIDI posted a comparison of shoe sizes between a few brands.

I'm a size 49 in a Shimano but I've been told by a few shops that I'll be a 50 in SIDI...the bottom chart seems to suggest otherwise.

Can anyone offer any experience with sizing between SIDI and Shimano?

estabro 07-02-11 07:02 PM

I wear a Shimano 47 Wide. When I tried a Sidi 47 wide they were too small. Never bothered to find a 48 wide in Sidi to confirm, but I assume they will be +1 size compared to the Shimanos.

The Shimano shoes I have were one of the high end racing ones sold a few years ago available in wide widths and I hope they last forever.

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