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jdoglike 11-19-04 02:13 PM

Basic Urban/Freeride moves
Im Starting this thread for everyone including my self who can't do the following well. If anyone has advise it would be helpful Thanks.

Bunney hop/ J hop
Side hops
Agian Thanks

Cornish_Rdr_UK 11-19-04 04:03 PM

I can Trackstand, bunnyhop (just) Endo and side hope

Trackstanding is easy to do after you've learnt the technique, get on a slightly upwards hill, wack it into 3-4 gear, and put the pedals flat, first, maintain pressure on the pedals just enough to keep you up, but not enough to move you, at the same time, apply the brakes abit to steady yourself, to help even more, turn the front wheel at an angle to balance the bike, practise this enough and you'll be sorted :)

As for bunnyhopping, the one i use it by standing up with your pedals flat, and pointing your toes down, as you pull the front up flick your feet up behind the pedals and jump at the same time, this will bring the back end up level with the front hopefully.....

Endo's - Approach at a slow speed to start with, get a slight bit over the front of the 'balance point' of the bike, and press your front brake on, this will bring the back end up, maintain your position, and hopefully, as long as your not going too fast, you will reach a roughly 70 degree angle, and the back end will start to come back down,bend you legs and maintain over the front of the bike for a soft landing....

Side hopping, similar to bunnyhopping, but in smaller increments, instead of putting force into jumping up, dont jump as high, but flick the bike sideways as you jump, the jumps will be small at first, but as you get better, they will get better and more fluent....

This is the way i do these tricks, dont just follow a manual on how to do something though, experiment with it, and find your own way of doing it... i often find that a much more rewarding and interesting way of learning the tricks......

Have fun

monsterkidz 11-19-04 04:07 PM

The one thing that helped me learn how to bunny hop was to actually put an obstacle in my path to bunny hop over. I usually used cardboard boxes, in case i didn't make it I simply landed on the empty box. You'd be surprised at how fast you progress when you have something you can actually gauge as opposed to bunny hopping over imaginary obstacles.

jdoglike 11-19-04 06:24 PM

I can already bunney hop, endo and wheelie but i want to be able to the bunney hop higher than 6-8in and the others for longer than a few seconds

Maelstrom 11-19-04 06:50 PM

Are you bunnyhopping with proper technique. compress body, Lift front, throw bike forward AND up and lift legs?

enduro 11-19-04 06:57 PM has a lot of good info on how to do stuff like this. Also check out

rjagodic 11-19-04 08:02 PM

try this site. it's cool because it has videos for every trick that they describe (you can play them in slow motion in windows media player or something).

mtnbiker66 11-19-04 08:11 PM

When you trackstand( we call it trailstand) try bracing your leg on the side of the toptube. When bunnyhoping try using a stick or stone to bump off of. It will help you get the feel for getting your front tire in the air.

Maelstrom 11-19-04 08:45 PM

Another trick. Find some djs. The movement required to get good air off of a kicker is dang similar to a bunny hop

rios 11-19-04 09:04 PM

What is a trackstand?

enduro 11-19-04 10:54 PM

A trackstand is when you balance on the bike without moving, like at a stoplight.

MadMan2k 11-20-04 12:48 AM

Pretty much what was said above is how I do it, but tbh I suck at it... Just roll to a stop, modulate your brakes a bit to keep from rolling all over the place, and balance. I think it helps to see how far you can lean side to side, helps you get a feel for it.

I usually roll along, lean a bit off to the side of the bike, then do a standard bunny hop, pulling the bike over to you.
Pulling the bike to you seems to be a key to success in jumping, bunny hops, etc. Like if you ride up a jump, stand up pretty high when you're at the top, then in the air, pull the bike up before you land. Makes it a bit easier to hit your.. anatomy harder on the seat, but you get more air from the jumps :)

What's a pogo anyway?

mtnbiker66 11-20-04 07:30 AM

Also ride w/ riders that are better than you. Ask "how do you do that". You will learn faster that way

jdoglike 11-20-04 07:42 AM

Cool thats all good stuff and i will try it later but i haven't heard much about pogos(backhop) or whellies. thanks agian

FoX Rider 11-20-04 08:07 AM

Originally Posted by Maelstrom
Are you bunnyhopping with proper technique. compress body, Lift front, throw bike forward AND up and lift legs?

That reminds me of how your supposed to Ollie on a skateboard. I still suck at landing but I can get the board in the air. It's similiar to bunny hopping.

Maelstrom 11-20-04 10:45 AM

Yep, it is an almost identical movement :)

MadMan2k 11-20-04 01:19 PM

I can't ollie on a skate board either.. well, maybe an inch or two lol

chris_krueger 11-20-04 10:33 PM

my bike is a little more front heavy, yet when i attempt to husky/bunnyhop/jhop my back wheel gets very little air, can anyone give me a tip on what im doing wrong?

Maelstrom 11-20-04 10:57 PM

Did you read any of the tips on the sites listed above? (please just call it a bunnyhop, it is nothing else...trials riders call is j-hopping, but it is still a bunnyhop) Trials riders and bmx riders have bunny hopping down to a science, those sites have excellent tutorials. Sounds like you don't have enough lower leg spring to get your height.

matheprat 11-21-04 05:26 AM

Trick stand: Roll to a stop, and put both brakes on. Turn the handle bars to one side. If you feel yourself falling to one side, turn the handle bars to compensate. If that isn't enough, try tipping the whole bike to counter balance. You can also try sticking a leg out.

Bunnyhop: Allready been covered. Another technique to get a lot of height is as follows: roll to a stop, making sure you are perfectly balanced. Put both brakes on, and make sure the rear is on HARD. Then in one movement, lean back, and really pull hard on the bars. The front end should come up, and when it is at its heighest, kick the rear end up too. If you get this right, you should end up a little bit backwards from where you started, but you can get very high. When bunnyhopping in general, always remember to crouch a bit as you kick the back up, so the height of your hop isnt restricted by your legs and body getting in the way.

Endo: Jam front brake on, job done.

Pogo: I assume you mean backhopping? If so, roll along, pull a small endo, then jam the back break on, and pull back. The front should come up to a balance point. To keep this point, counterbalance with your body (mainly ass), and hop around on the back wheel. Ie, if you feel yourself falling forewards, hop forewards. Backwards, hop backwards.

Sidehops: Allready been covered.

Wheelie: Sit down, lean back and peddle. If you feel yourslef falling back, tap the back break and stop peddeling. If you feel yourself falling foreward, peddle harder. This is probably the hardest one of all of the ones you asked about. I can't do it properly yet, allthough I can for all the others.

Practise is the key for all of these. You WONT get them down first time, just practise. Hope this helped.

Hopper 11-22-04 12:40 AM

To quote Robbie Bourdon in the video, Australian Ultimate Freeride competition, "Balance is key." It sounds really funny in his voice, like he's a bogan.

Funkychicken 11-22-04 12:46 AM

someone should sticky this. *hint hint - mods*?

Maelstrom 11-22-04 12:50 AM

There is something in the works. Something like this will be stickied shortly.

jdoglike 11-22-04 01:54 PM

why not just stickey this one its already been started

Maelstrom 11-22-04 02:01 PM

Because it will be set up like a proper Faq. Sticky threads sometimes get really annoying with cross posts, extra fluff etc...A faq would be detailed with extra questions following this. I may, when done the faq merge this thread into it so q&a will be added.

Trying to clean/keep clean Stickies is a long process.

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