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XzEn54321 11-20-04 10:28 PM

I guess I'm cross-country?
I go out for hours (1 1/2 to 2 1/2 weekdays 3+ sat & sun) and ride mostly fire roads some single tracks and up to 10 miles of road to get where I want to ride, long climbs and fast descents -> repeat.
Also, I'm getting a new rig for the holidays and I have been looking at XC bikes, thats what I need right?
Finally, what do you haft to do to be called "aggressive" XC.
Thanks, X-Zen

swifferman 11-20-04 10:33 PM

How much do you have to spend?

Yes you are cross country as long as you don't do big drops or jumps and ride mostly on roads or downhill.

Agressive XC I have no idea.

XzEn54321 11-20-04 10:42 PM

1K for the bike and some new gear

Maelstrom 11-20-04 10:55 PM

Aggressive XC is just xc of old imo. XC has become a dumbed down offroad race to the point where road bikes can win competitions. (this is my opinion from having watch many WC races and even some state based ones...they are pretty none technical) Agressive xc is what I think of the guys in the early 90's doing. Jumps, small drops, rock gardens. Instead of avoiding technical terrain they work with the terrain to make a fun course.

Are you interested in a dually or a hardtail?

XzEn54321 11-20-04 11:02 PM

A hardtail, for two reasons i have 1k and so thats like $900 and a FS at that price I going to be over 30 lbs and thats heaver than the rigid hardrock I have now.
Secondly, the hardtail will have beter coponets and fork, and is a lot lighter.

swifferman 11-21-04 09:19 AM

Kona Caldera!!!!

Orrrrr......The Cinder Cone

Orrrr The Trek 6500 or Gary Fisher Tassajara

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