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paramountx 10-09-11 02:29 AM

Spokes keep on breaking
I've done research on the forums other people have it. But basically I'm wondering WHY does it happen. I weigh 300 pounds. The bike Igot was a trek 3700 disc..and I replaced the back tire. I told the LBS to gimme a bette tire because I kept on brak spokes. So he came me

But every two weeks it keep on poppig

wvridgerider 10-09-11 05:58 AM

Need stronger wheels. With that weight go 36 spokes

samburger 10-09-11 09:11 AM

Yep, the wheels that come on that bike are made to handle minimal abuse. You're gonna need some stronger double wall rims.

Shimagnolo 10-09-11 09:16 AM

Breaking spokes indicates that as the wheel rotates, the spoke at the bottom is completely losing tension, causing flex that eventually causes fatigue failure.
a) Higher spoke tension. If the spokes are already ~110Kgf, going higher may result in rims cracking around the spoke holes.
b) More spokes.

Sixty Fiver 10-09-11 03:23 PM

You need a better wheel...

paramountx 10-09-11 10:08 PM

Sorry the rims I got was Mach1 Type XC 210.
That is the one he got me.

samburger 10-09-11 11:22 PM

Originally Posted by Sixty Fiver (Post 13340453)
You need a better wheel...


junkyard 10-10-11 10:33 AM

I'll suggest you lose some weight.

samburger 10-10-11 11:18 AM

^Better rims will help you lose weight if it makes you ride more

paramountx 10-11-11 12:06 AM

I am losing weight. But constantly every 2 weeks my spokes keep on breaking. I lost 30LBS this summer. What should I tell the LBS.

sscyco 10-11-11 12:21 AM

Get some Atom Labs wheels - no more breaky.

paramountx 10-11-11 10:50 PM

You ar egoing to have to be more specific^

junkyard 10-12-11 10:20 AM

Originally Posted by paramountx (Post 13347142)
I am losing weight. But constantly every 2 weeks my spokes keep on breaking. I lost 30LBS this summer. What should I tell the LBS.

Tell them you bought running shoes and will be back next year.

NCMTBIKER 10-12-11 12:13 PM

gonna have ta chunck some money into a better doublewall rim...

ed 10-12-11 12:58 PM

bicyclewheelwarehouse has some good deals on XT / MTX wheelset right now.

You could go XT / Rhynolite for about $60 cheaper

Is it just the rear wheel, or both?

Violet 10-12-11 08:29 PM

200 lbs is considered heavy in cycing terms, let alone 300lbs. You may just have to get a tough wheelset built up. If your LBS can't do it try another.

Also - I had a similar problem once, the rear wheels kept breaking spokes, even though I wasn't doing anything rough. Turns out the back derailleur was bent inwards, and would smash into spokes when I was on the lowest gear of my cassette. Make sure it's not that before you sink money into better wheels that you'll just break again.

ca7erham 10-12-11 09:01 PM

You need the toughest, most advanced wheel set available

ed 10-13-11 04:50 PM

Originally Posted by Violet (Post 13357185)
200 lbs is considered heavy in cycing terms...

I do not like being called heavy...I'm big boned.

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