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gbg 12-03-11 08:00 PM

It's the engine not the bike!
Probably something those boutique bike builders don't want to hear.

Dannihilator 12-03-11 08:10 PM

Ned Overend is one of those people that could most likely win a race on a huffy.

commo_soulja 12-04-11 04:29 AM

Pretty cool, he even ran the stock Recon fork instead of a high zoot SID or somesuch...

The Rockhopper name is synonymous with the early days of mt biking and been in the Specialized line up forever. Ned probably made the decision to race it on a whim even though he could've had his choice of any of the S-Works frames instead.

ed 12-04-11 09:05 AM

Looks like that article is pimping the trickle-down of technology versus the engine:gear debate. The article is pretty pointless IMO. The Rockhopper frame isn't going to be that much different (performance-wise) than a top end Stumpy. Just like the Durango frame will be "nearly" as capable as a top shelf Dakota Race. Notice that he didn't use a Hardrock frame. You may shave a little weight by running the Stumpy over the RH, but the fact that he was running top shelf components (not including the Recon) sorta negates the whole article. Either way...the difference in a hardtail build is going to be the componentry. In addition...he's running it singlespeed. You can shed crap-loads of weight by getting rid of 1/2 of your drivetrain. He's using SS specific wheelset...most likely not entry level. Really, the only thing about that bike that's stock is the frame and fork. The Recon is a good fork. It's pretty light and performs very well.

The fact that they are trying to impress people by saying he's winning races on a Rockhopper would be like throwing an XC kit on my Komodo frame and doing the same thing. "OMG...Jamis bikes are so awesomely light that even their Freeride Hardtail can win XC races! OMG, OMG!"

It's deceptive. I bet the thing weighs less than 24lbs as it sits.

roccobike 12-04-11 08:37 PM

The current Rockhopper uses M-4 alloy, the same alloy as early and mid 2000s Stumpys. Add in the latest frame build technology and you have a frame that's probably better than a six year old Stumpy. Not too shaby.
Of course I'm biased cause I just gave my son my 05 Rockhopper.

formicaman 12-05-11 11:55 AM

I keep telling my road racing buddy I want to see his crew do a race on 1970s Schwinn Varsities and calling the Tour de'Rust. Kinda like the Le Mons car race.

sscyco 12-05-11 12:09 PM

Originally Posted by ed (Post 13561603)
It's deceptive. I bet the thing weighs less than 24lbs as it sits.

I doubt it - I bet that thing weighs less than 22 lbs - superlight wheels, tires, and brakes. I don't know the weight of that frame, but It wouldn't surprise me if it was sub 4#.

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