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3speed 04-30-12 06:39 PM

Who rides WTB seats/saddles?
I've got a ~6yr old WTB Speed V now that I find comfy. Bluesky has a WTB Rocket V Race on sale for $25, which seems to be a great deal. Has anyone ridden both of these to compare them, or can anyone comment on the level of padding on the Rocket V? I'm not sure how much of a difference the 20mm width and padding difference will make. I'd hate to throw my money away if it's a really narrow feeling, unpadded rock of a seat.

never 04-30-12 07:00 PM

The Speed is wider than the Rocket so it will feel different. I prefer the Rocket because the Speed feels too big/cushy.

pablosnazzy 04-30-12 07:55 PM

i ride both (different bikes) and like both. comfort of a saddle really depends on where your sit bones are, if your sit bones aren't supported, it hurts. wider isn't always better. the saddle needs to fit you.

samburger 04-30-12 08:13 PM

Got the Silverado on mine. I'm not too picky when it comes to saddles but it works for me. I'm a pretty tiny guy all around though so a thin/norrow saddle works well for me.

Daspydyr 04-30-12 08:48 PM

I have the WTB Vigo on my bike. I amused to it. Its not as slick as other saddles. I hate slipping around, comfortable and stable.

3speed 04-30-12 11:17 PM

Well, I went ahead and ordered one along with my new Fox Flux helmet. Hopefully I can report on both soon.

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