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a2psyklnut 01-04-05 05:56 PM

Yeti ASX - Do I need it?
Last night I was helping out recommending bikes and came across this Yeti on Ebay. No one was bidding, so I threw out a bid. I was outbid, but today got one of those 2nd chance options.

Hmmmmmm, $1,300 for another bike I don't really need. Should I do it?

Yeti AS-X
Mavic Dee Max Wheels
Sherman Fork
Hayes 8" hydros
Thomson post
XT shifters and Derailleurs
Looks like Hussefelt cranks

Good bike for the money, I just don't really need this bike.

Maelstrom 01-04-05 06:00 PM suck :)

Get it. Seems to fit in the range you were looking at as a potential big mountain bike. and thats a good price. new thats well over 2000$ canadian. And they have an awesome reputation :)

Maelstrom 01-04-05 06:01 PM

Good bike for the money, I just don't really need this bike.
Has that stopped you before. You 'might' need it someday :)

a2psyklnut 01-04-05 06:07 PM

Opening bike was $1250. For kicks I bike $1,275. Bid closed at $1,300.00

Shipping is $40.00

I sent the guy an email. We'll see what happens.

Anyone want to buy a well maintained Enduro SX???????

MadMan2k 01-04-05 06:09 PM

Do I need it?

I just don't really need this bike.
You answered your own question.. Buy it anyway though.

EDIT: How much for the enduro? I have $80 in my wallet.. hehe

a2psyklnut 01-04-05 06:14 PM

Originally Posted by MadMan2k
I have $80 in my wallet.. hehe

That should cover shipping!

Dannihilator 01-04-05 06:48 PM

What a stupid question, of course you need it.:D

cryogenic 01-04-05 09:31 PM

Explain to me how you can NOT need a bike? One can never have too many!

a2psyklnut 01-04-05 10:34 PM

Originally Posted by cryogenic
Explain to me how you can NOT need a bike? One can never have too many!

Did you see my list of bikes in the other thread????

I'm up to 10 now, this would make #11.

jmargeru 01-04-05 11:43 PM

Wow 11 bikes, I have two...
A harttail GT that is attached to the trainer, and my busted frame Performance M-107. How do you chose what to ride, or does the favorite war horse get called to duty 9 times out of 10?

Raiyn 01-05-05 01:34 AM

I think your Enduro's a bit small for me plus my better half would KILL me. :D

Bike_13 01-05-05 02:14 AM

Originally Posted by a2psyklnut
Did you see my list of bikes in the other thread????

I'm up to 10 now, this would make #11.

Ahh I was getting excited reading this thread, though I could "go big" with 9 rigs ...... Better go buy three more tomorrow.

Will post another thread .... watch out.

cryogenic 01-05-05 04:05 AM

god... 11 bikes.. I'm jealous. I wish I had 11 bikes to choose from and just ride whichever I felt like on a given day. Lucky. I have one bike, though I'm planning on adding a road bike to the collection this year.

MadMan2k 01-05-05 09:01 AM

I know a couple who has about that many bikes.. I heard the complete list, but I don't remember all of them. A tandem, a few mountain bikes each, road bikes, trials, BMX.
I'm trying to get them to register here..

Cornish_Rdr_UK 01-05-05 09:10 AM

Yeti ASX are really nice bikes, id get it, if i had that kind of money spare :)

cryogenic 01-05-05 01:43 PM

I'd have to agree... that's not a bad deal and I have to say I'd have issues passing it up if I had the money to spare.

KleinRider 01-05-05 02:01 PM

Originally Posted by a2psyklnut
That should cover shipping!

Well, since MadMan2K has the shipping down, I'll give you a $100 for the bike. I'll PM my address....

thanks for the shipping, MadMan2K!


a2psyklnut 01-05-05 03:07 PM

Well, not all 10 are in riding order. I've got one broken frame that needs to be sent back for a warranty upgrade. Another frame that a friend gave me because I helped him out with some wrenching duties that I need to build up, and a roadie frame that is awaiting to be turned into a fixie.

So, it's really just 7. I ride whatever the day calls for. Beautiful sunny day with no time constraints, then I hop on the road bike for a 35 to 50 mile ride. If I want to get some miles in, but the weather is "iffy", then I grab my Cyclocross.

If we're hitting the trails it's usually my Enduro SX. If it's playing around and some urban, it's my Hardtail...etc. It all depends.

Cornish_Rdr_UK 01-05-05 03:44 PM

Wow, thats good, I only have 2 bikes, but alreafy i have a distinguished favourite, my DMR feels alot more stable than my Dardrock, even after ive put all the upgrades on, im not sure if thats because its new though... Although i do still use both of them.

Ironduke 01-05-05 03:46 PM

Originally Posted by a2psyklnut
So, it's really just 7

Oh, well then, if its only seven... :p

I now feel inadequate with my 3.

hebrew_rider 01-05-05 10:52 PM will be a waste

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