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Dannihilator 01-14-05 12:02 AM

My advice for the day: January 14th, 2005.
When you are dirtjumping and there is someone who is clearly better than you at it, don't trash talk the person by saying you can do that, it's a peice of cake, then biff at it every time you attempt it, not only does it make you look like a fool, you lose respect. Instead take time to watch and see what that rider is doing and work your way to it slowly and slowly you will improve.

For the non dirtjumpers out there:

When on a group ride, leave the attitude at home, it makes the ride for all more enjoyable.

Raiyn 01-14-05 12:19 AM

When you're doing ANYTHING with someone who is better than you at it, don't trash talk.
I pity the fool what talks smack and doesn't back it up sucka!

PWRDbyTRD 01-14-05 02:13 AM

"I can get 6 feet off that jump" hahaha j/k

anthonaut 01-14-05 02:30 AM

Originally Posted by KonaRider24
When on a group ride, leave the attitude at home, it makes the ride for all more enjoyable.

Tell me about it, theres this one guy i *USED* to ride with, and he really needs an attitude adjustment.

trekkie820 01-14-05 05:02 PM

Luckily, I have never ridden with someone like that. I would start laughing, I can't take people like that seriously.

.:MTB:. 01-14-05 06:10 PM

I know such a person and they annoy me greatly. Everything is a pissing contest with him and as a result, I try to avoid him as much as possible.

cryogenic 01-14-05 06:26 PM

Riding is about having fun and enjoying yourself.. and maybe about pushing yourself to do better than you have before.. but it's not about being a jerk and having to be better than everyone else.

mtnbiker66 01-14-05 06:45 PM

Funny story, my son I and were in the LBS getting ready to go ride when a man and his son walked in. My son was "helping" work on a bike when the other kid walks in and starts talking smack. They were from out of town and his dad and I were talking about where they were planning to go. I said I would show them around the area they wanted to ride so away we went. My son made it a point to drop this kid on the first big climb, wait on him at the top and then destroy him on a tricky decent. He never said a word to the other kid. When we got in the truck to go home he told me how the kid talked down to him.All I said was if your gonna' walk into a bike shop and talk smack you better be able to back it.He kinda' chuckled and let it go.Cryo's right,it's about having fun not being better than someone. :D

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