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ed 07-19-12 09:28 PM

My bike gained 3/4lbs of rotating weight today, LOL...
When I went tubeless, I was using tires that were a year old. I finally tore a hole in the sidewall on one, so I figured I'd get new ones. I had those Nevegals laying around, but they aren't my first choice. There's so many rocks up here (like the one that tore my last tire) that I decided to go a little thicker and get UST tires.

I read that some people have problems using UST tires on standard rims, but the Stan's setup with UST tires on the DT EX5.1d rims is supposed to work well, so I had very little inhibitions. The DT EX bead seat is profiled to accept a UST really nicely, so I used a Stan's rim strip and some sealant.

I'm really gonna like these I think. They sealed up so daggum easily!! They are 2.35" Excavators like I used to run a long time ago. (my favorite tire for super-traction) I can't even imagine how devastating these tires will bite at 30psi instead of the 40 that I used to have to run with tubes. I actually got these tires 1/2 price to boot, so I can't complain there. I got them cheaper than when I was sponsored on the rider support program.

Also...since I'm using UST...I can run a little lower pressures than my non-UST tubeless setup b/c of the extra support. I'm pretty excited to get these out on the trail.

scrublover 07-20-12 09:59 AM

I've found with my ghetto tubeless and UST setups that I actually drop weight, even thought the UST tire is heavier. Particularly with a Stans or Mavic UST rim, because you don't need near as much tape or sealant to get things to seal up.

I tend to not really run much less pressure, but am able to run narrower tires at around 30-34psi, not pinch flat, and roll faster than the previous wider meats. The big deal for around here is not pinch flatting - not having to run stupid heavy DH tires or crazy high pressures to avoid pinch flatting. I've slammed my UST stuff into rocks and roots that would have pinched my tubed setups, and never had a problem doing so.


I'm also sticking with full UST tires, at least for the back. All the "tubeless ready" tires I've tired have thinner sidewalls, and have all managed to be torn in fairly short amounts of time. Am leery of doing the ghetto setup on the front, and having issues. Only one UST front at the moment - 2.5 Minion DHF 3c EXO on a Stans Flow rim - working beautifully. The other fronts are all still tubes. When a rim dies, it gets swapped for a tubeless variety. One currently being rebuilt with a Stans Arch. If I roll a tire off the back, it's not nearly as scary as the front...

Ardent 2.25 on the RX, Speci Ground Control on the TX, Speci Captain on the Chromag, Panaracer Fire XC Pro on the TransAM. All UST, and all setup super easy. Didn't even need sealant to get any of them to hold air. Just put some in to deal with punctures. This is on a mix of two Stans rims, one XM819 UST rim, and one XC717 with the ghetto setup. They have all been working great.

Only issues since swapping to the real stuff vs. ghetto has been tearing a hole in a tire too big to seal up (twice now) which would kill a tubed setup as well. Stopped, put a tube in, kept riding. No worse than before.

Anyhow, ramblingly long - it's dumping rain today, and I'm putting off making the weekly grocery run.

Daspydyr 07-20-12 03:09 PM

Are you running 2.35 front and BACK? :eek:

ed 07-20-12 05:08 PM

Me? Yes. They are some meaty, squishy, smooth hard-bitin' meats.

Dilberto 07-20-12 07:04 PM

Tubeless is well worth that 40% reduction in flat occurrence. F* tubes....

ed 07-20-12 08:08 PM

Daspydyr 07-22-12 09:14 AM

That's a lot of bite! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

ed 07-22-12 04:07 PM

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Tire comparison (L-R)
2.35 Excavator
2.35 Nevegal
2.35 Slant Six
2.1 Fire XC Pro
2.1 Smallblock 8

Daspydyr 07-23-12 12:22 PM

I like the spacing on the Excavators. The tighter pattern tires like the Slant 6 and Small blocks toss gravel up at me on the downhills.

Med!c 07-23-12 01:41 PM

Originally Posted by Daspydyr (Post 14517641)
I like the spacing on the Excavators. The tighter pattern tires like the Slant 6 and Small blocks toss gravel up at me on the downhills.

I run 2.1 nevegels myself. I was curious to how often you guys have to change tubes. I see a lot of people saying tubes suck, but I've been running mine for 3 years with the same tire. I run around 20 psi, around 10 if it's raining and it hasnt popped yet. I remember I used to go through a lot of them, but once i got thicker tubes the problem disappeared.

Daspydyr 07-23-12 03:25 PM

My tubes last about two years. By then they have some patches on them. I run 33-40 lbs all the time. I don't even bother with slime any more. Just on a good run. Probably jinxed myself and fixing to have a raft of flats. I have a box of Stan's in the garage. When I need to replace tires I hope to go Stan's. All in the name of new stuff. I can resist anything except new stuff on the market.

ed 07-23-12 03:57 PM

I ran tubes when I lived in kansas. (flatted once a year at the most) Moved to missouri and started flatting all the time. Thorns, goats, pinches....bleh! I'm around two bills and ran 38 psi. Now I can run 30 psi tubeless. Soooo much smoother on the chop, grippier on the climbs and tech, no more flats.

If you like the Nevegal, the Excavator is so much grippier. Especially in soft, loamy, tacky stuff.

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