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WonTian 01-19-13 02:39 AM

Best First(Locally Bought) Mountain Bike For The Money?
I've been riding road bikes for a couple years now and living so close(4 miles) to the mountain trails and not having mountain bike just seems silly to me. I'm 6' and ride a 56cm Fuji road bike. I'm looking in the $600 range in the local adds and come across these 4 bikes. If you were me which bike would you have? People around here who ride the trails say the most you will need for these trails are a short travel full suspension. I'm really fine with anything but I wouldn't know any better. Tell me what you think!

Focus Black Forest 4.0 2011

Specialized Rockhopper 29er 2012

Giant AC2

Giant Reign 3

DMC707 01-19-13 11:19 PM

At 6', you are a bit on the tall side for a medium frame -- which is what a couple of those bikes look like ----- The rentals from Napa can be had in your size, but they look like they are specced cheaper ---- That Focus would be a nice deal (if it were a Large --- being hunched over with the seatpost extended past max will get old eventually )

WonTian 01-20-13 05:44 PM

Thanks for the input. I'll go check out the focus today. If I like what I see, I'll buy it

WonTian 01-24-13 10:36 PM

Bought it

Daspydyr 01-24-13 11:26 PM

Sharp looking ride. Now go tear it up! Post some pictures, action shots.

agressor 02-04-13 02:49 AM

Congrats dude! I bet you like it.

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