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jmscsa 01-29-13 08:52 AM

Oleta question
For anyone who has ever ridden Oleta River State Park in Miami before, what level of mountain bike tire pressure do you normally use for a course like that which is more or less flat with small hills but is full of roots and rocks and technical sections the whole way. Is it better to run lower pressure on roots and rocks for better handling or higher pressure to power over all the obstacles better. Also, I have SPD pedals but since there isn't much hill climbing power needed I'm wondering if it is better to use platforms and toe clips on a highly technical course because I can bail out faster if I wipe out.

mega69 02-02-13 11:24 PM

Ive ridden Oleta before...I just ran recommended pressures from the manufacturer.
Only riding ive seen low pressure were on trials style bikes for grab..Dont really have
an answer to the question..Pedal wise i just ran regular platform pedals without any
problems. Try markham park if you havent been to that park..its alot of fun and more
technical as well.

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