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bigfoot9 01-31-13 07:40 PM

Entry level - my first bike. Opinions on a 2008 Diamondback Response Comp ?
Looking at getting my first mountain bike. I'm not looking to do anything serious; just something active to do on nice afternoons. I don't want to buy a complete POS to start off with, but then again it would be stupid to drop alot of $ when I'm just beginning and don't know if the interest will hold over time.

I've been browsing local ads and finally came across what I think is a good deal. 2008 Diamondback Response comp ( ). Assuming when I go to see it it's not beat to hell, it fits me well, feels right, etc, is it worth $175 (assuming I can't haggle him down further :D )? From my research it is the correct frame size for me.

Any opinions welcome, and thanks!

YamiRider1316 01-31-13 07:44 PM

They are great bikes. Had an 08 response sport as my first mountain bike and the thing was bullet proof. Actually kept in until recently. Sold the frame and fork alone for 150 so ide say 175 sounds fair.

GTRUCKUS 01-31-13 08:26 PM

Yes, Great bikes.. I Have two of them.. I like the strong, squared frame.. definately worthy of future upgrades as needed..

bigfoot9 01-31-13 08:51 PM

Great, thanks for the advice! I definitely need something a solid frame as I'm a big guy (250lbs). Hopefully no one else beats me to it and I can go test it out on Saturday!

GTRUCKUS 02-01-13 09:20 PM

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My Diamondback Response collection..

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