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Mike_Kelly 02-01-13 04:54 PM

Questions for Klein Mantra folks
I'm restoring a 1999 Klein Mantra Comp and I am not familar with the derailleur mount for the newer swing arm. It is some kind of direct bolt mount. To further cloud the issue I don't use Shimano parts so I need a SRAM derailleur 1:1 that will work with this frame.

Any suggestions?


Dannihilator 02-01-13 08:36 PM

If you want it era correct, stick to shimano since sram was a joke in 1999. If era correct isn't a concern any E-type front deraillieur will work.

Mike_Kelly 02-02-13 01:49 PM

Thanks for the reply. First does the E-type, with BB attachment, bb attachment ring come off to use it as a direct mount? Is SRAM's equivalent, they don't seem to use the word E-type, what they call direct mount?


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