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Shutter 02-02-13 09:49 AM

1 1/8 threaded - vs - 1 1/8 threadless ,,,, Can I mix and match????
Ok... sooo I managed to pickup a SYNCROS straight blade fork and a matching SNYCROS quill stem with the little cantilever cable housing catcher on the bottom (with SYNCROS handle bar)...

I really want to get onto a frame...

they came off of a bike that was build for 1 1/8 threaded headsets...

Here's my question.... Can I take a bike frame from the early 90's that was built for rigid forks that have a 1 1/8 threadless headset and install these forks with a 1 1/8 threaded headset??

I know that I can always change the steer tube and use it with the threadless headset but I want to use it with that quill stem...

So, just to ask more clearly... Can you use a 1 1/8 threaded headset / fork on a modern frame that was built for a 1 1/8 threadLESS headset / fork ?



scrublover 02-02-13 12:29 PM

sure. you just need to make sure you have a threaded HEADSET for the frame. no biggie, and you should be able to pick one up cheap. the frame can take either fork setup, it's the headset that allows that - just have to get the right headset.

worst case, you really only even need the top portion of the headset.

of greater issue is that older, shorter fork is going to possibly steepen up the geometry of most modern frames a fair bit, unless it's a frame meant for running a fairly short fork.

Grimlock 02-02-13 10:13 PM

Like scrub said, it can be done with a new headset but your geometry will probably be wonky.

Shutter 02-02-13 11:59 PM

Thanks! Yea... I'm just trying to figure that out now... Used to road bikes... This is getting tricky... =)

Is there any way to tell if it will work geometry wise?

Here are the frames I currently have that I'm working with:

- 1984 Rocky Mountain Fat City Flyer
- 1992 Rocky Mountain Vertex
- 1992-1994 ish Rocky Mointain Hammer
- 1996 Rocky Mountain Blizzard

Here are the forks I am working with:

- Syncros
- old school manitou answer

I have the original 1" fork for the fat city flyer so I will probably keep it stock

I was thinking of putting the manitou onto the vertex and the syncros on the blizzard...

What do you think??

scrublover 02-03-13 09:46 AM

Oh, for those older frames, it'll be fine. Stuff 2000+ year wise is where you may have an issue.

roccobike 02-03-13 07:28 PM

re-read your post, never mind.

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