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side_FX 02-03-13 11:12 AM

Anyone using a X-Cal in a dual sport mode?
I was looking at the Trek DS line and I just don't see the perfect fit for me. I am a bit heavier so I had some concern for the components at the under $1K price. I like the look of the XCal, but would still like a bit more road riding ability. Anyone using a thinner tire to create their own DS with the Xcalibur? Does it work for you and what type of tire are you using?

ColinL 02-04-13 12:06 AM

any mountainbike can be ridden on the street and MUPs.

I find the fastest, long-wearing tires that perform well in the dirt are the Geax AKA or Saguaro. (hardpack or all-around, respectively)

if you have two sets of wheels, you can use slicks or semi-slicks on your MTB. another good choice is to have a second bike. a MTB with one set of wheels and wearing slicks is a sure sign someone bought the wrong bike, but as long as they're happy I'm happy for them.

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