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Muttster 02-05-13 07:01 PM

Need your advice - fix it up or sell it and move on?
I wanted to get your advice because I'm somewhat of a newbie on mountain biking. I am 58 years old, 6'5" 285 lbs. and I currently have a 95' Cannondale 300 ME L.E which is in pretty good condition with an aluminum frame. Most of my riding will be on trails and I don't plan hopping over logs or any advanced riding any time soon. I'm looking more to get in shape and to enjoy being out in great scenery which beats the hell out of riding in subdivisions.

My question is what to do with my bike. The frame is in good shape but I think that it could use some updating. Being new to the sport and cheap, I don't want to spend more than $400-$500 on either fixing up the bike or buying a new or used on. My understanding is that I could probably get $75-100 dollars for the Cannondale. If I sold the bike, could I get something that would be an appreciable step up from the Cannondale at my price point? Does it make more sense to upgrade my old bike or should I just live with what I have. If I should get a new/used bike, given my size and needs, what should I be looking at? I know that it is a lot of questions but I really don't know what to do so I'm asking the experts.

I appreciate any advice that you could give me.:)

DMC707 02-05-13 07:29 PM

I wouldnt upgrade it per se' -- but if its in otherwise good shape, there's nothing wrong with re-furbishing it to work a bit better --- that would be new brake pads, grips, tires, making sure the wheels are true and shifting is working correctly, - plus new chain and cassette if it needs it ---- all those things can hit $200 pretty easilly, but would make an otherwise good bike ready for another couple of years of the type of use you describe

--- The 300 was not C'dale's expensive model, it had entry level, but serviceable parts -- plus a lightweight (for the time) aluminum frame --- if it fits you , and at 6'5", i would hope it was an XL at least -- its worth keeping it going unless you already have an eye on something newer

Again, this is all dependent on whether it fits you or not.

Is the LE the law enforcement model?

3speed 02-05-13 07:49 PM

I do think you could get a better bike in your price range, but I also think that that bike sounds suitable for the type riding you want to do. It just depends on what route you wish to take. If you keep that one, I"d just get it a good tune-up. Just fix anything that is worn or needs fixing. A new bike in your price range would probably have 3x9 gearing, entry level front suspension(not terrible in your price for the riding you want to do), and entry level disk brakes. Entry level disks are decent these days and totally capable for what you want out of them. If you buy from a shop, you'll probably get a free tune-up within the first six months/year. If not at least that and good customer service, find another shop. Someone knowledgeable and helpful and a tune-up is the whole reason you buy from a shop.

xlDooM 02-06-13 05:09 AM

Call me a snob, but I find $600 bikes are almost always disappointing when bought new. I've had much better experiences with $800 bikes, and have ridden some truly excellent $1100 bikes. So I would go for a tuneup. You can buy a complete SLX group minus hubs and a set of wheels for $500 total if you hunt the discounts, and for your riding that is probably overkill. A Deore group set is plenty nice and is even cheaper!

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