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On the Run 02-05-13 07:21 PM

Specialized Epic VS Giant Anthem
I'm considering these 2 bikes. I like them both, but I haven't been able to do a side-by-side comparison. There is a considerable difference in price. Does anyone have an opinion of which bike gives the most bang for the buck?

ColinL 02-05-13 10:10 PM

The S-Works Epic can get ridiculously pricey, but if you are comparing similarly equipped Epic and Anthem Advanced models they are similar in price. There's only one aluminum Epic model now, I think, and the aluminum Anthem still has like 3 trim levels.

Anyway. They're both good bikes. I prefer the Giant's suspension for two huge reasons:

1) far easier to dial in
2) no brain to break -- and they do break, sooner or later

Giant's Maestro suspension is really great. However, you need to ride both bikes and make your own decision. You don't necessarily have to demo the exact model you will buy, but you DO need to demo the right size. And it needs to be a trail demo, not farting around in a parking lot.

Dannihilator 02-06-13 09:52 PM

Anthem, better frame, doesn't need something added onto a rear shock for the suspension to perform well and as ColinL mentioned way easier to dial in. Also, the owner won't stab their dealers in the back.

On the Run 02-07-13 07:46 PM

Thank you, ColinL and Dannihialator for your opinions. It's always good when I ask experienced users and get an answer that supports mine. :) The Epic really felt good, but it just didn't seem like it was worth the difference. So, without something unforeseen happening, an Anthem will soon find a home in my garage.

ColinL 02-08-13 12:32 PM

You won't regret an Anthem. Great bike, climbs and puts the power down well with the shock open. You only need platform or lockout for serious out-of-saddle cranking.

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