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Nashzel 02-05-13 07:41 PM

Mountain Bike Gearing Question
OK, I'm 52, picked up biking again about 1-1/2 years ago. Had both knees replaced in July and have worked myself up to about 175 miles per month on the road. We are buying a house in Chattanooga and I want to start some trail riding. Thinking about a 2x10, and would like some opinions on suitability. I'm riding a compact on my primary road bike, but also have a triple on my back-up road bike. There will be some about town riding in getting to some trails. Just want some opinions.



ColinL 02-05-13 10:37 PM

I ride my MTB on the road sometimes and it works fine, but I coast down hills sooner (as in, at a lower speed) than I would on a road or cyclocross bike because it runs out of gear.

It's a 28/39 2x10 using a 11-36 cassette. (the odd chainrings are because the rear derailleur won't work with the stock 26T small chainring and the 11-36 cassette.) 39x11 is a lot of gear when you get down to it, and you can go >20 mph on flat ground. but like I said, you can't expect to pedal >30 down a hill. just coast and enjoy the ride.

On the trail, I can stay in the big ring and use the whole cassette in most areas. Only in really hilly areas (yep, Kansas has a few, near OK and MO mostly) do I even need to shift to my small ring. I wouldn't use a 1x10 though.

c_m_shooter 02-06-13 12:40 AM

a 2x10 is big improvement in reliability over the old triples that I have had. You don't really lose much range. With the old 22 tooth front sprockets I couldn't use the bigger gears in the back anyway. My current trail bike has 32/40 front rings and an 11-34 cassette and I like it. It came with a 26/36/46 triple that has been tossed because it had too much range for the derailer to handle on rough trails.

Nashzel 02-06-13 07:11 PM

Thanks for the quick responses. Sounds like I have a plan.

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