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Carloswithac 03-07-13 10:22 AM

Climbing Noble Canyon video.
I did some riding yesterday and today. Yesterday's wasn't anything special, but today my friend and I climbed Noble Canyon. It's a famous downhill trail in Pine Valley, CA. We didn't do the downhill section because by the time we got to the top we were both tired, and my friend's hip was bothering him. Next time we'll shuttle it.
Last time we didn't do the downhill after climbing it because I wrecked in a section and bruised my kidney; it was a long 15 miles to the car on the highway. :(
Ya'll 'mirin my average speed? :)
Creepiest outhouse ever! Straight out of The Hills Have Eyes!
The rides
Leftover snow from last week.
Desert in the background. Larger
Mountains everywhere.


Edit: Here's the beginning of the bruise from a couple of months back.
You all don't want to see the end bruise. It's nasty.

Pamestique 03-07-13 06:09 PM

Since you went to the top (BTW I can't see your photos or video here at work) was there snow at Mt. Laguna? Were the trails rideable? I have been wanting ot go back out there...

Carloswithac 03-07-13 11:00 PM

Trails at Noble were fine. I didn't do the laguna loop, so can't comment on that.

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