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Scoticus 03-08-13 10:32 PM

Schwinn High Sierra with Paramount head badge
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Hello to all
I have been looking for some info on this bike
hoping someone here will have some answers
Schwinn High Sierra with a paramount badge someone had removed the Serial Number from the BB
the Head badge has 12.2 stamped on it
I contacted Waterford, they were nice enough to look at the photos but didn't have any info for me.
photos show the The remaining "High Sierra" decal
SunTour rear dropouts
any info is much appreciated

3speed 03-08-13 11:44 PM

Interesting bike. Perhaps someone replaced the original badge/sticker with a Paramount badge? If you haven't posted it in the Classic and Vintage forum, make a thread there. Some of those guys really know their stuff. I've seen them look at pics of a bare frame, identify the BB and dropouts, and identify who made the frame and approximately what year it's from. Obviously this should be a Schwinn frame, but you get my point. Someone there might be able to tell you about it, or maybe even rode an identical bike back in the day.

Scoticus 03-09-13 09:27 AM

Thanks for the advice, I'll post in classics

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