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ahmedm 03-11-13 02:24 AM

Peugeot CM 41, CM 42 or CM 52?
Dear Bike fans,

I'm a newbie to bikes and I've decided to purchase a mountain hardtail bike for several reasons:
  • Lose extra weight
  • Do my lovely hobby since childhood
  • Save my money going from/to work (30 Km)

As being in Egypt, the roads case are not all good for a road bike, so mountain bikes are common for most roads here. I'm confused to decide which one would be faster with better performance and heavy duty between: Peugeot CM 41, CM 42 and CM 52.

And also I'm confused with the speed shift: Shimano Acera 24 that's found on the Peugeot CM 41, I've read datasheets for multiple configurations for the Acera 24 and I wonder which one is associated with this bike model exactly!

Would anyone help me to decide which one would be better for a single trip of 30 Km with total 60 Km per day? How long would it take me to arrive destination for this distance?

Thank you!

ahmedm 03-11-13 08:42 AM

Any luck?

roccobike 03-11-13 11:46 AM

I tried, but I need an interpretor to understand the website. Sorry.
Actually, I was surprised to find Peugeot was still making bikes as I haven't seen a new Peugeot in a very long time.

ahmedm 03-12-13 03:00 AM

So what would be the best for me?

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