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tish4398 03-11-13 10:52 AM

front suspension on a mtn touring bike
I am building a 26Ē touring mountain bike to tackle the roads of South America. I need a front suspension shock that requires little or no maintenance. I need durability over performance. I canít have the shock blow a gasket on the Caterra Austral Highway. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Burton 03-12-13 09:53 AM

No such thing as a front suspension that requires little or no maintenaince :(

I'm also guessing you're referring to the Carretera Austral highway in Chile? Mostly unpaved, but I'd recommend a rigid front fork and the largest tires your frame will take over a front suspension.

Not only is it difficult to mount a front rack and panniers on a front suspension - the weight of any panniers becomes unsprung weight which, if you're carrying 20lbs up front, will make a suspension system so slow to react as to be useless.

And you WANT some weight up front. Because if all the weight is in the back - your chances of a broken rear axle will also jump. I'm assuming there's no rear suspension. So personally I'd go rigid with 2.3 to 2.5" tires myself.

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