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Merckx fan 0511 03-11-13 12:13 PM

Proflex Beast
Anyone out there heard of a Proflex Beast. My friend has one and thinks its a collectors item or something. Its pretty bad for how old it is. I think he said he bought it in 97. I have just never heard of them. I was thinking about trying to purchase it off of him. But have no idea what its worth. I will try and post pics soon.

Elduderino2412 03-11-13 12:31 PM

if it's in bad shape it probably isnt worth anything, and would be more trouble than it's worth. In decent shape probably 150-250. IMHO

RaleighSport 03-11-13 12:33 PM

I have a couple friends who are huge into the whole K2/Proflex scene, none of them would touch the Beast, proflex's (the higher end ones) can be had for 1-200 so I personally would just pass on trying to get it. It is the black and yellow striped one your friend has correct?

Merckx fan 0511 03-16-13 03:51 PM

its mainly all orange, this has to be their high end bike in 97,

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