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arevir 03-12-13 07:49 PM

DB Sortie 3 good choice
I I would like some opinions on this bike

It retails for 3.5k but I can get one for 2.5k is that a good deal?

[email protected] 03-14-13 05:24 PM

Sounds like a good deal on a bike with a very effective suspension design. The one drawback I've found with the current generation of DB bikes is the weight. My Mission 4 was a pig and so is my Steilacoom RCX. However the geometry and durability of the bikes is dialed.

Wilfred Laurier 03-14-13 05:37 PM

It depends on a few factors -

first - does the bike fit you? If not then no, the bike will not be a good deal at any price. If you don't belive me I have a pair of 22" waist jeans to sell you for $5 that you might be interested in.
Second- does the bike fit how you want to ride?
Third - is the bike new or used? If used, then likely no it is not a good deal... the warranty on new bikes is only valid for the original owner, and (with exceptions) people who kow the value of their bikes are often not the best people to buy a suspension bike from as they may have already ridden it into the ground.

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