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cwa542 03-13-13 04:25 PM

is this a problem or am i over exaggerating?
My back break cable at the end is coming kinda undone or is in twisting and don't know if its a problem or not, I can't upload a pic right now I'll try and do it in the comments

MisterK 03-13-13 04:37 PM

Its just frayed. You can twist is up n crimp the end. I wouldn't reuse it if you rerun your brakes tho

roccobike 03-13-13 06:04 PM

It's not a problem for now, but if you ever have to adjust your brakes via the cable, plan on replacing that one.

3speed 03-14-13 04:20 AM

Yup, twist it back up and crimp it with one of those little end cap/covers. I'd bet the LBS would happily give you one. If it hasn't frayed far, I'd say there is still a chance you can reuse the cable if you ever need to. You'd need to trim off the frayed end, though. Then if there's enough cable left for reuse then it shouldn't be a problem. All depends on how bad it is now.

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