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Conan 03-16-13 06:37 PM

What can I do to make this bike trail worthy?
So i came across this bike by chance and we have got along well doing winter street/off road riding It]s a 1980's Scott boulder. I really want to get into actual mountain biking. But I don't have a ton of cash to buy a new bike. I was wondering what I can do to this bike to make it an acceptable mountain bike for riding some real mountain bike trails this summer. One thing I have noticed is it is Very heavy, and I'm sure there isn't an easy fix for that. If I say, changed up the wheel/tires, got a suspension fork, maybe a different crank set for making it easier up steep hills. What else could I do to make this a useable mountain bike for a first time rider? Ive ridden it downhill on trails and it is a blast, but making it up the hill though is really kinda hard. Thanks for any options. I would love to put some money into this bike rather than buying a new one.

roccobike 03-16-13 07:29 PM

I'd replace the tires, lube the bearing surfaces in the hubs and bottom bracket, then ride it. Those 1980's bikes are pretty sturdy. You can't convert it to an up to date bike because mountain bikes have been completely re-designed. Those gumwall tires are probably old and should be replaced IMHO. After that, just ride it.
BTW, don't change the fork to a suspension fork. I did that with a 88 Nishiki, now it goes great in a straight line, but can't handle turns. Changing the fork on those old bikes changes the geometry, you'd spend a bunch of money, and have a worse handling bike for your trouble.
Just have fun with it and learn more about mountain biking. Then move on to a hardtail.

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