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USMC17 06-19-13 10:50 PM

Will someone please help me understand shifting and when I should do it

cobba 06-20-13 10:20 PM

Dilberto 07-01-13 06:20 PM

STOP pedaling for a second.....SHIFT.....then resume pedaling - DONE. Ideal, simple way to preserve your drivetrain and chain.

IthaDan 07-01-13 07:09 PM


formicaman 07-01-13 09:36 PM

It's like in a car. You start out in a low/easy gear to get going or make it up a hill, but your engine/you is revving like crazy, moving very fast. Shift to the next gear and you can maintain your speed with fewer revolutions per minute. Repeat.

DX-MAN 07-01-13 10:06 PM

Your legs will tell you when to shift; if your legs start to feel like they're moving lead weights, shift down a gear. If they feel like they're spinning out of control and you're not getting anywhere, shift up a gear. In between is what is considered a "comfortable cadence".

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