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formicaman 06-26-13 02:24 PM

Used older full suspension or cheap new one?
I had a 1999 Jamis full suspension that I really loved. Now that it has been stolen, I'm looking for something else. I can only afford about $500, so my options are another '90s FS bike on Craigslist or bikes direct. Not much on Craigslist, but I saw a Cannondale V 400 that night work. I've gotten quite fond of full squishy, but I'm still building my skills, so I just can't justify spending big money. I

should note, I prefer FS for the traction and not having to rely on my crappy knees for suspension

formicaman 06-26-13 03:07 PM

My normal point of view would be that an old bike that was built to be quality beats a new bike that wasn't, but given the evolution of full suspension in the last 10-15 years, maybe Bikes Direct is the way to go.

formicaman 06-26-13 04:06 PM


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