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netahpots 06-29-13 11:36 PM

What can you tell me about this Trek 4900?
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Hey guys I was given this bike and I'm trying to figure out what year it is. I believe it is a 2001 but when i look up the specs for the 01' it says 9 speed and mine is an 8 speed. Also some of the other components don't match up off Bikepedia? It needs some work hence the reason it was given to me. I need to get a new back rim, new RD, and new crank. Trying to locate a spec sheet or at least year model so i can see what parts to buy for replacements. Like i said it was free so i don't mind putting 200 into it just not sure what to buy? Also Id like to upgrade the parts a little from stock since it is rather old and i can probably get nicer parts just as cheap. Thanks

cobba 06-30-13 04:35 AM

Maybe you were looking at the wrong model.

8 Speed cassette:

Specs on bikepedia aren't always correct, have a look at a Trek catalog.

Parts can be changed, if they don't match specs they mightn't be original parts.

jimc101 06-30-13 10:41 AM

12 year old, and so much can have changed from the original spec, as #cobba Bikepedia is great, but for stock bikes. and it's a US centric site, specs may have been different in other countries.

We had a Trek 6000 in the shop recently, originally, it it was 8 speed, but the time we got it to service, it was 7, and that was a mid 1999 model.

For the 4900 in question, first, does it fit? if not, is it worth working on, then, does it matter what it was spec'd with? You can still get parts to fit, you need to work out if it is cost viable, if you have the parts great, but a new crank, rear wheel (probably cheaper than replacing just the rim) etc add up, the fork isn't one of Rock Shox's best, would be looking at how much you are going to need to put into it, before it becomes a money pit (seen far to many of those to recently)

Dilberto 07-01-13 06:10 PM

Ride it more and determine if the fit is correct, first and foremost. If that checks out - you'll quickly discover what you like/dislike about the bike. Then, come back to us and ask us what we suggest. Sound good?

Make sure your BODY likes the bike first....

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