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Ldosorio 07-04-13 05:21 PM

How to train before race
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I gonna ride my first race in three weeks time: 31Miles, 10 of them 7% uphill . Date July 28.
I have been biking often and running to enhace my resistance, however I would like to hear some advices to train better, what to eat and any other thing you consider will be useful during these days considering the following facts:
1. On weekdays I have just one hour per day (some time a little bit less) available for training.
2. From July 13th to July 20th I will be away from my bike and will have just 30 minutes per day.
3. I am not planning to win the race, just want to be part of it and finish it.


ColinL 07-04-13 11:14 PM

What I would do:

high effort intervals, not sprints, but the 90%+ effort stuff working up in duration. start with 2 minute sets. you cannot do this more than every 2 days. since it's a 31 mile race, you need to do a minimum of 30 miles one day a week. if you can do 50 instead you will be much, much better off.

during your week off the bike, you really are screwed. of course you can jog for basic fitness, but it doesn't help you one bit on the bike. not at all.

Ldosorio 07-08-13 06:41 PM

What about swimming? I am going to be in a hotel, so I think there are swimming pool and also gym, maybe static bikes...
Any advice about what to eat? or at least what not to eat?

Zephyr11 07-08-13 07:34 PM

So much of this depends on everything from your current fitness, your current skill level, how technical the course is, etc. This is further complicated by the fact that you'll want at least a couple day taper so you're rested for the race, so when you work that in, you really only have the 5 days until you go away, and then maybe 5 days when you get back of quality bike workouts. If you can stationary bike while you're away, that'll work cycling muscles more than running or swimming will.

I'm going to actually disagree with Colin here. If you were trying to compete and you had time to train, I'd absolutely agree with him. But you don't have time to train and all you're trying to do is finish. Suddenly adding balls-out intensity for a couple days without building up to it would likely get you injured. Work on building up some long rides. That all goes out the window if you're already fit and have a good base in place, and have done some speedwork recently. If that's the case, go ahead with what Colin suggested.'s not popular advice nowadays, but you're going to need extra carbs with the increased training. Carbs aren't evil...I get 85% of my calories from carbs, and I'm 5'3 long as you're working out and actually using them, they don't make you fat. Rather, they're your body's preferred fuel source. After workouts, go with carbs and protein for refueling (try for a 4:1 carb:protein ratio). That doesn't mean doughnuts though...get quality whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, at least until race day. On race day, have a ball with white bread and gummy bears because they're more quickly digested (faster energy) and less fiber means less change of GI upset.

ColinL 07-08-13 10:41 PM

When you don't have real hills to climb, high effort intervals are all you can use in their place. :)

The stationary bike is definitely a winner if your hotel has one. If they don't, either running or swimming will give some basic cardio fitness, but assuming you already have that, they don't help you on the bike.

License2Ill 07-08-13 10:48 PM

Not enough cardio queens get in the gym and weight train properly. That would be where I would start, for quickest benefits.

Ldosorio 07-12-13 05:50 AM

What about Squats to train my leg-cycling muscles?

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