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FallenBlizzard 07-08-13 01:23 PM

What should I upgrade to?
Hey guys. I'm new here to these forums and I wanted to just ask your guys' opinion something. I got a Trek Cobia right now and it's a great bike. But on the down side I just crashed bad and I bent my rear derailleur. I have had the bike for a while and was thinking about upgrading soon anyway. I got Sram x5 on their now and it's alright. I want to go further though. I don't want just x7 so I was thinking either x9 or x0. I can't afford really anything past that such as XX or XX1. I want to keep Sram because that's what I'm used to. Also keep in mind, before saying "Just buy a new bike" or "Get XX1", im just a 15 year old kid who is a mechanic at a bike shop. I'm not rich. Thanks guys :D

Also: I will put a poll up, but I also wanna know why you picked what you did. Thanks!

ColinL 07-08-13 01:45 PM

X9 is the cheapest type 2 rear derailleur which has a clutch that significantly mitigates chain slap.

Ldosorio 07-08-13 02:52 PM

Trek Cobia comes with X5 shifters, so I would upgrade the rear derailleaur to X7... it is good quality and not as expensive as X9 or X0.

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