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Jimbojo 07-11-13 07:33 AM

Another older MTB for a Noob's first bike
After my decision to not jump on the 1997 Specialized FSR Ground Control, mainly because the components were shot and I am just looking for a basic but decent bike for occasional trails and such, I continued my search. I found a 1999 K2 Zed X for $150 that looks like it hasn't seen very many mile at all, all original components, looks cleaner than my month old 2013 Fuji Absolute. Now, I sure couldn't find much on these bikes and from what I did find, these (1999 - 2000) were assembled in the US and I believe the frames were built here and really have no relation to the models being sold at Sports Authority and REI. Here are the specs from Bikepedia.

I think I am gonna grab this one, based on the components alone, although I have to say the frame looked decent and had nice welds. I rode it and it shifts smoother than my Hybrid, tires are in good condition, as I said, it really looks like this bike has less than a couple hundred miles, if even that, on it. I know its not an Iconic frame, from a renowned manufacturer, like the FSR was, but for my purposes I think it will be perfect. The only concern, and its really not that big, is the stupid Smart Fork, it works right now and has adjustable dampening, so I figure I can ride the heck out of it right now and keep my eyes out for a nice used fork to replace it with down the road. Thoughts?


Jimbojo 07-11-13 03:55 PM

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No Comments? well its still early, but here are some pics.

ColinL 07-12-13 08:10 AM

Did you buy it or are you still thinking about it?

The reason I ask is that, yes, it is in good shape for its age but it was an inexpensive bike in 1999. Higher end old bikes, in good condition, can actually be better than entry-level new bikes.

ArkTrekRider 07-12-13 08:35 AM

I am a newb so please take my word with a grain of salt but ColinL has a pretty good point. I am not familiar with the K2 ( I dont know a whole lot about different bikes) but I just bought a Trek 8000sl for $200. It is an early 2000's model that had trail wear on it. but most all components had been upgraded within the last 3-4 yrs. The research Ive found out on it is that originally it was about a $2,000 bike new. It is the lightest frame Trek has ever made as far as aluminum (it is very close to a carbon frame in weight) I tore it done and powder coated it (because I own a powder coat business) but it looks Brand new and im in it for $200 that is comparable to a $400-600 modern bike like it. I couldnt be happier but then again I just wanna ride, not a racer or what you would say hardcore bike rider but am a very Avid rider. again just my $0.02. so please dont take any offense

Jimbojo 07-12-13 01:22 PM

I hear you, I did look at a Specialized FSR, but it was pretty beat up, I also looked at Raleigh M80, but again pretty worn. Now comparatively, this K2 was $899 new in 1999, the K2 Zeds that they sell now at sports authority are probably made in CHina and about like an entry level Diamond Back or the Nishiki's at Dicks. Not that anything is wrong with those bikes, for their price point. I did a Bike blue book check on the K2 and it had it valued at over $200. Believe me, I was combing CL for quite a while, and I had to keep my budget low in order to avoid domestic issues, if you know what I mean. But, yes I did buy it, and as far as used goes, I think I got a decent buy, not to say that a better deal might not be found, just sayin I didn't find one I thought was any better.

ColinL 07-12-13 01:41 PM

Sometimes the local market doesn't have a lot to offer, and it sounds like you spent a lot of time and effort looking. It's definitely clean and well-maintained, so I'd say you are ready for the trails! :)

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