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Tony247 07-11-13 10:01 PM

Which Bike?
Looking for a full suspension mountain bike for 1500$ or under. What would you guys do if you had to buy a bike in the price range? I've rode the Giant Trance X3 and the Motobecane Fantom Pro and Elite which are in that price range. All 3 seemed to be good bikes. Ive also seen that used Trek Fuel Ex8's, Giant Trance x2 and Specialized Stumpjumper's can be picked up for around 1500$ as well. I guess its always a little scary buying used if you don't know what your looking for. I guess im just looking for a solid bike with good components. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks everyone

ColinL 07-11-13 10:40 PM

I strongly prefer the rear suspension on the Trance if you are doing a lot of climbing. I think dminor argued with me recently that the Trance is a better sub-$2,000 FS bike than the Fuel Ex 5, and in hindsight.. I think he's right.

License2Ill 07-11-13 11:10 PM

Riding a Trek, a Fisher, and a Specialized in that price range a few years ago, I liked the Specialized best in terms of fit and geometry, and it was the best deal in terms of components overall in the end too. The Trek rode like a barcalounger, the Fisher the exact opposite with weight over the front and noticeably disjointed suspension from fork to rear shock, and the FSR XC was like Goldilock's porridge. The only real point to take away from that is to try more out and figure out which one feels best for you in the right size with the right adjustments for fit in terms of size, geometry, seat adjusment, and shock settings, etc. Just looking at component specs will just have you flipping your lips with your finger. After all was said and done, the Specialized was had for a way better deal too, with $100 of free gear thrown in, another $100 knocked off, great financing that made it worth financing, and very helpful staff at the shop.

Ldosorio 07-12-13 05:25 AM

I would choose Trek.

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