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clubmanager 07-14-13 09:32 AM

Craigslist find question
There are 3 sets of tires with it including some slicks which I want. He's upgraded some parts and added carbon fiber bar and bar fork with remote lockout. Is this a good deal at $750? I looked at bikepedia and some other info and it seems like a great deal and the seller is a bike mechanic....he says the frame is a little too big for him and it's a 16. I'm 5'10" so I think it's a little on the small side but being a new-again rider, it should work....?

thanks, John

bikemig 07-14-13 09:37 AM

First, if the bike doesn't fit, it is not a good deal. Second, if it does, then less than half new, for a well maintained bike which apparently has seen little use and a few useful xtras, is a good deal. I'm a little skeptical that the bike will fit you properly.

clubmanager 07-14-13 09:57 AM

Yeah, that's my worry too's a 20 minute drive to see it so I may just roll the dice and see.

Daspydyr 07-14-13 12:06 PM

Its a great looking deal! BUT dude, you are 5'10". If you think you can flip it for more money, that might be one option. Don't get swayed by the deal, be patient, good things will come eventually.

clubmanager 07-14-13 12:52 PM

He's got a co-worker who lives near me so he's gonna bring it out for me to ride. The problem is that since I'm new, I probably won't know a good fit from a bad. Anything I should look out for that might be an obvious go/no-go? I love getting a good deal like anyone else but given my lack of experience, it might be best to spend $750 at the shop!?

ColinL 07-14-13 08:59 PM

a 16" bike will not work for a 5'10" person unless they have extremely short legs and a long torso. a 5'10" person of average proportions would need a 17.5 - 19.5" bike.

don't waste your time. it may tempt you to buy it if you check it out. I wouldn't necessarily go straight to new bikes, as $750 doesn't buy a whole lot (certainly not a bike like that) but the first reply to this this is correct: if the bike doesn't fit, it isn't a good deal.

RyderTheRider 07-15-13 05:38 AM


Originally Posted by clubmanager (Post 15849387)
Yeah, that's my worry too's a 20 minute drive to see it so I may just roll the dice and see.

Isn't that a short drive?

clubmanager 07-15-13 05:51 AM

With the hours I'm working I manage a highly-seasonal business and 7-days per week, 12+ hour days are normal. They guy is bringing it to me and I'm going to the local shop to see if it will fit.....dubious, but I want to try anyway.

Daspydyr 07-15-13 09:39 AM

Its all part of the learning curve, good luck.

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