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Jwillging 07-15-13 11:49 AM

Widest tire for a 622x18 rim?
Hey everyone! Was wondering if anyone knew what the widest mountain bike tire that would safely fit on a 622x18 rim. The bike is a 2010 Gary fisher's a hybrid that I wanna try mountainbiking with until I can save up for an actual mtb.....right now it has a 700x38 on there and I tried taking it out and was sliding all over the place

ColinL 07-15-13 01:16 PM

My uncle rides singletrack on that same bike. Frame and fork clearance is the issue, not rim width.

Check the hybrid forum for details, but I am positive that some 29x2.0 tires fit, such as a Bontrager 29-3.

Jwillging 07-15-13 02:43 PM

Cool thanks for the info! Any idea what size tires he has on his? Did he upgrade or is he still riding on the 700x38?

ColinL 07-15-13 03:14 PM

He has a Bontrager 29-3 29x2.0 on the rear but I don't remember if there is room for wider. That tire is not as wood as a typical 2.0.

He has a schwalbe smart Sam in front but I don't recall what size, they make a 45mm monstercross tire and a 29x2.1.

Jwillging 07-15-13 05:29 PM

Cool I'm gonna give those a try....thanks for all your help!

one last newbie question.....if I use a larger tire do I need to move to a larger tube?

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